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BRUNSWICK, GA – Dirt Empire Magazine is expanding its national retail distribution by adding select Barnes & Noble stores across the United States with the roll out of Issue #11 in September 2022.
Dirt Empire Magazine is a print publication that covers automotive circle and oval dirt track racing, including sprint cars, late models, modifieds, pro stocks, street stocks and karts. It was founded in Watertown, New York in late 2020 by Adam Cornell and editor, Justin Zoch, filling a gap in the industry for a premium printed periodical. Beginning with a subscription base in the thousands and a retail presence through independent racing industry retailers, Dirt Empire Magazine expanded retail distribution by adding Tractor Supply Co. stores in mid 2021. With the addition of Barnes & Noble stores, Dirt Empire Magazine will now be available in nearly a thousand retail locations across the United States. In September 2021 Dirt Empire Magazine began fulfilling international subscriptions, with subscribers in Canada, Australia and New Zealand.
“This is a very big step forward for a grassroots publication,” Owner and Publisher, Adam Cornell, said. “This follows what is happening with dirt track racing in general, in that it has gone from a grassroots position decades ago to a major spectator sport with hundreds of tracks, thousands of participants and hundreds of thousands of spectators nationwide every year. It’s been so popular that NASCAR has returned to dirt racing at Bristol Motor Speedway. Other series that traditionally run on asphalt have added dirt tracks to their series’ calendars. Our focus will remain on sprint cars, late models and modified racing primarily, with intermittent articles on pro and street stocks and karts. This is the heart of dirt track racing and it’s what I and millions of other fans across the country love.”
“For us, as a company, this is a moment that we all dreamed about,” Cornell added. “It really is a testament to all of the hard work and dedication people have for the sport and the talent of all of our contributors that we have this opportunity to roll out to the top brick and mortar bookseller in the country. I’m very proud of this next step in our journey and I know it couldn’t have happened without the skill of our contributors, writers and photographers alike, who help make each issue stunningly beautiful and excitingly entertaining.”
With race results available almost immediately in digital format now, Dirt Empire Magazine focuses on artistic photography and one-on-one interviews with both the biggest names and grassroots drivers in dirt track racing. A key feature is the Review in Pictures, where amazing photos are allowed to tell the story of the big events throughout the year. Dirt Empire Magazine also regularly includes QR code links within its pages to allow readers to use their mobile devices to jump to videos online, making the magazine truly interactive.
Dirt Empire Magazine was founded in Watertown, New York in late 2020 with its first print issue published in early 2021. Issue #1 was a digital-only preview which was released in February 2021 and is still available on the company website. Dirt Empire Magazine retails for $8.99 and is published eight times a year, with the company headquarters now located in Brunswick, Georgia.
Issue 11 of Dirt Empire Magazine will be available in select Barnes & Noble stores, Tractor Supply Co. stores and select independent dirt track racing retailers. Subscriptions and back issues are available for purchase on the company website: dirtempiremagazine.com