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OCTOBER 20, 2022 – BRUNSWICK, GA – Dirt Empire Magazine will be shifting to a bi-monthly production schedule in 2023. Multiple factors have contributed to this change.

“We’ve been in business for two years now,” owner and publisher, Adam Cornell said. “I’ve always believed in being willing to make course corrections along the way to refine what we’re doing. Shifting to a bi-monthly production schedule makes sense at this juncture.”

“When we first started this company, the goal was to be monthly during the season, and switch to bi-monthly in the off season, with 8 issues annually,” Cornell continued. “In year one, I suffered from Covid-19 and nearly passed away. The impact was that we ended up only shipping 6 print issues in 2021. In year two, we were faced with an unprecedented paper shortage in the springtime, once again forcing us to revise our production schedule to 6 issues for the year. With great momentum through the summer months, we were looking forward to finally realizing our initial goal in 2023. But midway through 2022, we were able to finalize distribution deals with two major retailers, Barnes & Noble and Books -A-Million. Both retailers preferred a bi-monthly schedule, as it is a tried and tested model for optimal in-store sales. Taking into consideration all of the factors involved, we decided that switching to a bi-monthly schedule for 2023 was the right path.”

The benefits of moving to this schedule means a reduction in the cost of an annual subscription going forward. A subscription in the U.S. will now cost $30 a year, a 25% reduction over last year. Canadian and International subscribers will also pay less, $60 for Canadian and $97.50 for all other International subscribers, this includes Australia, New Zealand and UK. 

Dirt Empire Magazine will honor all 8-issue subscriptions that have already been purchased. All subscribers who purchased an 8-issue subscription that rolls into 2023 will receive the full 8 issues they paid for. Likewise for any subscriber who purchased a multi-year subscription, they will receive every issue paid for, it will just take a couple months more to receive all the issues to fulfill the subscription. 

Dirt Empire Magazine is confident this adjustment will keep the presses rolling and ensure great dirt track racing content will be available in print for years to come.

Dirt Empire Magazine was founded in Watertown, NY by Adam Cornell in December of 2020. In October 2021, the headquarters were moved to Brunswick, GA. As of this release, Dirt Empire Magazine has published 12 issues, 11 of which were in print. Issue 1 was a digital-only release and remains available on the company website.

For more subscription information, visit: dirtempiremagazine.com/subscribe

Or email: info@dirtempiremagazine.com